Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So Hard to Get Good Help

My Dearest Kendrah,

I must say the newest additions to the Minis Tirith work force have created quite a stir. Eowyn and Farmir were most distraught. Apparently the memories of Helm's Deep and Osgiliath have made them both rather closed-minded when it comes to employing the former enemy. I can't blame them really, but in the spirit of reconciliation, I believe we must give it a go. I can't have bands of bored, unemployed Uruks wandering the countryside planting ornamental gardens!
The four you've sent seem quite pleasant and much more interested in bathing and "products" than I would have expected from Orcs. It just goes to show how prejudiced one can be about folks they don't know. It's a relief to realize that not not every Uruk was out to destroy the world of men and that some of them love cross-stitch and art flicks as much as I do. It makes you think.
The tall one, who has adopted the name "Steve", won Eowyn over eventually by helping to decorate the Great Hall for her Yule Party. It was a bit like the Bumble from "Rudolph"...he was tall enough to hang greenery and candles in places hitherto inaccessible. I think it will take Farmir a bit longer to warm up. Can't really blame him...poor guy...I imagine he finds the whole affair a bit sus.
I have sent a message to Mayor Gamgee to see if he could use a few well-mannered Metro-Uruks to assist in the Habitat for Hobbits for program. He response was a bit confused "Well, My Lady, they do seem a bit queer, I mean, it do seem a bit queer, if you take my meaning, M'am, no offense..." then he rambled on a bit about the latest tater harvest. I suspect he was into the Gaffer's home brew again. After all, it is the holiday season! I'll speak with him again after things settle a bit.
It was lovely to see you over the holidays. We must get togather again sometime soon. Maybe I'll pop over to the settlement for a few days after Aragorn opens Winter Court. I'm sure Faramir and Steve can handle the seating arrangements without me.

Your Affectionate Friend,

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