Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alls Well that Ends Moderately OK

My Dearest Kendrah,

Well, at least its over. Aragorn and I are both delighted that you and Leggs have managed to work out your difficulties. Aragorn was a bit concerned that Leggs would behave badly during the actual proceedings, but it seems he was able to muster enough Elven aloofness to keep himself somewhat in check.

I've been telling Aragorn about your rapidly growing collection of "Little Guys". He's kicking himself for turning down PJ's offer of a share in revenue from the sale of such merchandise. I feel like kicking him too! When I mentioned how rich we could be, he just looked sad and commented on the number of homeless Rohirrim refugees we could have supported with the income. Numenorian nobility can be so trying at times! It was kind of PJ to offer though. Very few people are willing to enter contractual business arrangements with Imaginaries. Once again PJ proves he is visionary ahead of his time.

Luthien, (the cat, not the Elf) is fascinated by my big talking Aragorn doll. She keeps stalking it. Once she knocked him over and, sure enough, he started talking! I'm just afraid she'll run off with his little arrow (which she keeps pulling out of his quiver) and I'll never find them again! Sometimes cats can be just rough with Little Guys as dogs or two-year old Men.

Well, back to work for me. I'm enjoying my last two days of peace before classes start again. Give my regards to Leggs.

Your Affectionate Friend,

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