Saturday, January 28, 2006

Party Party Party.

My Dearest Corwynne,

It was so very nice to see you this afternoon. I know that you enjoyed the party, but I know you don't know how it came about, which of course is yet another strange story. Elijah obviously knew that his birthday was today and wanted a laid back affair, preferably a garden party. He said that he always wanted to have an outdoor birthday party but being born in January usually put a damper on it. So he asked that he might have the party in the settlement.

Normally this would not have been a problem but with the recent party unpleasantness the elders wanted some assurances. This required us to call Frodo in. He found it to be an interesting challenge to come back from the west so that he could go on one last adventure. He is still at Elijah's reality birthday party, which was set up just so Orlie would not come to the settlement, while our party, as you know, ended several hours ago. Elijah and Samwise have gone off drinking with Billy, Merry and Pippin. Dom and his new fiance are listening to Leggs' speech on the trees at Pennsic, (shouldn't have stopped drinking, eh Dom?)

We expect Frodo back around dawn with quiet wild stories for the sequel to There and Back again: Into the West and on the West Coast. It should prove to be interesting. Much shorter, he only expects it to be 47 chapters. I will be sure to send you a copy.

It was so nice that this time the party was planned in a way that allowed people to be invited. Perhaps Orlie's party would not have been so bad if he had not decorated the dining hall and then just waited for our arrival to yell...."Oh you shouldn't have!!!!" when we assembled for our evening meal. Really quite tacky.

Anyway, it was great to see you again and I hope your trip back to the White City was uneventful.

Your affectionate friend,

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