Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Go Stillers!

My Dearest Kendrah,

I had hoped to write sooner, but adoring throngs of fans here in the capitol of Steeler Nation are are causing as many traffic tie-ups on the Trans-Realities Highway as they are on the Ohio Turnpike.

Sunday was quite a day. As you know I was off engaging in heathen ritual Saturday night, so it was up to Aragorn to tidy the apartment. If he wanted to have a Superbowl Party, he had to be responsible for pre-game organizing and post-game clean-up. I was out late Saturday and he was gone when I came home, but the house was respectable. I had to get up early Sunday, and by the time I got out of bed at 7:30, Aragorn and the Sons had coffee made and a cheesy hash-brown thing baking. E & E are the true die-hard football fans and they wanted access to a TV early so they could catch all the pre-game. (Which in Steel City started sometime before dawn!)

I went off to my craft meeting where I practiced doing double crochet and copied out some Old English vocabulary. When I got home about 4:00, the party was in full swig....uh...swing. Elladon had figured out how to work the tap on the keg of ice cold Iron City shortly after I left and the modern mechanics of beer storage were fascinating to all! Gimli had the crockpot out and was making hot wild boar sausages (as expected, they're a bit gamier than the regular Italian kind). Elrohir was frying pierogie and Celeborn was artistically arranging a variety of cheeses on a platter, clutching my bottle of scotch!. Eomer snuck in half a keg of that Rohan ale that makes Leggs's fingers tingle. I think Leggs enjoyed himself, but I suspect all the shouting and Terrible Towel waving got on his nerves after a while.

In fact, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even though it wasn't a great game. I had to explain "yinz" to Celeborn (subjective pronoun, 2nd person plural). Let me tell you, there are few things more disturbing than a tipsy, silver-haired Elf Lord belting out a chorus of "Here we Go Stillers" or asking the Sons "Yinz ok to drive?" This goes in the therapy journal.

Well, it's Tuesday morning and almost time for the Steeler's welcome home parade. I suspect I have a house full of Dunedain and Elves eating leftovers and watching the live coverage from the Point. Wonder if I can find a webcast here at work...

Your Affectionate Friend,

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