Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election and Memory

My Dearest Kendrah,

Well, the King is not dealing very well with this election. First he was VERY confused that no one’s son was running. I thought I had managed to clarify all that for him eight years ago, but apparently he did not retain my careful explanation of the democratic process vs, divine right monarchy.

He’s been glued to CNN all evening trying to make sense of the projections and is eagerly counting down the poll closings, though he doesn’t quite have the hang of the whole multiple time zone thing. He’s not at all convinced that it is really technology and not evil sorcery that is getting the info to us so quickly. You know how he mistrusts the palantir boxes and the little people who live in them. I caught him trying to give McCain a beer earlier…fortunately I stopped him before he poured it on the TV!

I’ve been trying to distract him all evening with Pennsic memories. Like how adorable the kids looked all dressed up in their pirate gear. And how Elven and very serious Arwen was when she went shooting for the first time. He reminisced about the wine tasting and how it was the best one ever! No one got too drunk, there was lots of singing, good shopping afterwards…he even reminded me that I need to actually learn how the verses to “Barrett’s Privateers” go so I don’t have to fake it again. We talked about the food, the yogurt and granola mornings, the beneficent magic of the coffee pot, taco night, Rook smelling like onions after making the soup, the tasty Brussels sprouts. He laughed at the memory of Friar Sam, Rook and Gardner with axes making wood chips and how much fun he had with Amron and Cam commentating on their progress. We smiled at how much music was made and beer was drunk and how good the weather was and how many knights he killed in the field battle. I reminded him how much fun we all had at the Wolgemut concert when he did the Polar Bear Dance and how much your youngest son enjoyed the band.

Sadly, these happy memories distract him only briefly and then he is back to fretting about the election. He once again assured me that if things go badly I could take up permanent residence in the White City and we would never have to worry about reality again, though he would miss the indoor plumbing and central heating. Like Fangorn, we will not be hasty, as it would be a major life style change for both of us, but I’m keeping my options open.

I should go back to the living room. I hear him with the remote flipping back and forth rapidly between CNN, MSN and Fox. And the PA polls will have closed by now. I’d like to check in and see how we’re doing. If he gets too tense, maybe I can get him to help with some cleaning. Having our Samhain this late after all the other Samhains I’ve been through already is taking its toll on my desire to clean, cook or do anything other than drink beer and watch the palantir box. Somehow, I think the threat of housework will keep his nerves to the minimum.

Take care! I look forward to hearing about your trip.

Your Affectionate Friend,

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