Monday, November 24, 2008

Call a Cambulance

My Dearest Corwynne,

I am again flummoxed by the lack of understanding that Leggs has gained over the past six years. Six years!!!!! He was here when the great and powerful Amron was temporarily felled by a heart attack and yet, when Cam suffered the same malady on Thursday night he was still in complete shock. Don’t get me wrong, I too was shocked that yet another of our strong tent raising men would be victim to this, but we are but human, so I have to say he was far more shocked and not a little bit confused.

Leggs was here when my father came and told me how the events unfolded, the details I will now tell you as Leggs heard them in his head.

Amron, “Cam had a heart attack last night.”
Leggs’ head, “These humans make no sense, why is it one organ can have attacks and the others do not. I have watched many hours of the palantir box and never has any one arrived at hospital with a lung attack. Or a bone attack, or a spleen attack, or….(this went on for a while, I will spare you)

Amron, “The ambulance had trouble getting out of the driveway, because of all the snow.”
Leggs’ head, “What!? How is that snow can impede this Bulance of Cam? It should just ride upon the snow like I do.”

Amron, “They put a stint in one of his arteries and he should be fine.”
Leggs’ head, “Into his heart!? Fools, that is the one place you do not want to pierce above all others!” Moment of thought, “Unless this stint is like love, which may safely be placed in the heart….it must be this.”

Does the King still have this sort of difficulty? I realize that they are immortal or at least nearly immortal, but does it then follow that they can have no concept of the frailty of humans….they have fought with humans, they have drunk with humans, and now have both spent six years in close relationships with humans. Am I asking too much that when one of our number is ill, that I get a chance to think about what I can do to help them rather than trying to explain again and again about human anatomy and life expectancy, and that yes, even the Cam-Ron is, despite their Numenorian like strength, human?

Anyway, that is what I have been dealing with since the incident on Thursday. I hope that the King took the news better than Leggs and you got to spend you time sending out good vibes or something else equally druid-like.

I know that I shouldn't be complaining. Leggs is showing his concern in the only way he knows how, which is kind of sweet when it isn't really annoying. And most important of all, Cam is doing well. So, in the end, we will have to pretend that I am not complaining about anything, that I am, instead, simply sharing the story with you as it unfolded.

Your affectionate friend,

PS. Grapes of Wrath---the opera---please tell me you are joking…and if you are not, that you have not gotten tickets for the King. His retelling and resigning of Animal Farm has just ended!


Cam said...

It is good to have such fine and true friends as all of you. Friends even that we can only touch with our hearts and minds. I am feeling so much improved that I attended archery practice and happened to speak with Legolas. I related to him that my condition while called an attack is more akin to a "broken" heart unto death. We are so alike an yet so different.

Kendrah and Corwynne said...

Leggs has yet to return from archery practice. He likes to practice in the dark...elves....but I will be sure to see if he comprehended the difference. He fakes understanding very well...again, elves.

So very glad you are feeling better!