Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Return of the Kinslayer

My Dearest Corwynne,

My goodness, you have been busy lately. Mithrandir mentioned to me that he thought we were "dropping the palantir" a bit with our writings. But I think he was satisfied when I pointed out that the scholars who will be studying our writings have yet to be born, and therefore we would get it done when we could. Hopefully that will keep him off our backs for a while.

I have been wondering if you have managed to keep the upcoming elections out of the eye of the King this time around. I know how upset he gets when the "wrong" person wins, and even though that looks less likely this time, I was wondering if you were letting him have access to the process this time or if you were just going to fill him in after the fact.

I had hoped to keep the election coverage away from Leggs, but sadly I did not succeed. Even though he had not been born at the time of the kinslayings, he is quiet certain that a female vice presidential candidate I will not name is the leader of a small sect of kinslayers who disappeared into our reality when after the slayings received less than stellar reviews. I have asked him several times for more information on this sect of kinslayers, since I have never heard of them, but he just says that the grief is still too near and goes of to lament. You know, his usual cop out.

So I think it is safe to say that Leggs is not a fan of at least half of the republican ticket and I am sure he will be sharing his views with the King soon, so if you have been keeping him away from the election, you may want to also keep him away from Leggs...

In other news, I am off to visit the Loud One for the weekend. We will be attending their famous Samhain event and with the wickerman (will it have firecrackers or not?!?!) and the more famous pig head, I am sure to have much to report. Leggs has opted not to go with me, he is going to stalk the GOP ticket at their rallys this weekend....thank the Valar that they won't be able to see him with his arrows aimed directly at her...cause I don't think Elves fair to well in Gitmo.

Your affectionate friend,

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