Saturday, October 20, 2007

Worlds Colliding and Other News

My Dearest Kendrah,

I just wanted to dash off a short note before we leave (at Twilight, of course!!!) for the Elf-Fest 2007 (or whatever).

On the plus side, Viggo dropped by for a quick birthday drink and Aragorn convinced him to come along to Lothlorien with us. I can think of lots of other things to do on my birthday other than paying a visit to the Lothlorien, but Viggo seems really excited about it. I can tell he and Aragorn are itching to get into another poetry slam! I'm sure they'll have a blast! (and maybe Gladders will be so distracted by 21st century Man Poetry that Celeborn and I can slip off to enjoy our scotch and lamenting earlier than I had hoped!)

We got a Rider from Rohan today and it turned out to be Eomer. He's very concerned by reports that Karl Urban will be playing Dr. "Bones" McCoy in the upcoming Star Trek movie. He's not even sure what a movie IS, but he thinks "Bones " has an ominous ring to it. (But then again, what doesn't sound ominous to the Rohirrim?) I assured him that it had nothing whatever to do with the Paths of the Dead, and that I would be happy to show him re-runs when I return. He's not sure what a re-run is either, but he seemed comforted. We were unable to convince him to join our little party in the Golden Woods. He made up some excuse about over-seeing the fodder harvest for Winter and rode off muttering some charm to protect him from the Elf Witch. He's still so superstitious!

In other news that rocks our worlds, it seems Dumbledore is gay. JK announced at some reading or something. No word from Dumbleodre yet about he feels upon being outed. I hope he's ok with it. You know how cranky wizards can get when things don't go the way they planned. Mithrandir seems completely unsurprised by the revelation and, in fact, is looking more smug than usual and humming merry tunes under his breath. I wonder if he's been spending time with Sir Ian again?

Well, I hear a horn sounding, so that means the forces are gathering and I must get to my horse! I must say I look smashing in my new black and silver riding habit! I hope you are enjoying your weekend with the Loud One and I look forward to hearing about your adventures (If I make it back alive:-)

Your Affectionate Friend,

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