Friday, October 05, 2007

Oh Dear!

My Dearest Kendrah,

Officially, I am shocked and appalled by your disparaging remarks concerning the Lady of the Galadhrim. It ill befits a lady of your breeding and position.

Unofficially, I giggle uncontrollably every time I think of it! The king thinks I'm having a "woman's problem" because of my unexpected and often inappropriate fits of mirth. At least he's being VERY nice to me. I guess he's afraid the mirth will fade and the violent outbreaks will begin. I need him to stop watching Lifetime! I know I will not be able to make eye contact with Gladders without wetting myself! I try not to make eye contact anyway. It's harder for her to read your mind if you don't look directly at her and those creepy, starry pupils freak me out!

Poor Celeborn! Just a footnote in her Noldor-snobby letter. I hope that Legolas will see this as a reason to step up and defend your love! Most Grey Elves hate it when she gets all uppity and superior, and I assume he is no different.

To distract myself from the terror of the upcoming Elf-Fest, I've started planning the Samhain Party. Invitations have been issued, and I'm working on the menu. Not much else is going on. The king is helping me out with Buford as an excuse to avoid Faramir and the yearly harvest tax reports. (apparently Buford chased a squirrel while I was at work) There he goes again, my king enjoying himself with the pets while I slave away selling tickets to Chekhov!

Well, I should probably run some reports or something! Math is hard!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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