Monday, October 01, 2007


My Dearest Corwynne,

Please except my most sincere condolence on this your day of sorrow. OK, today isn't the day of sorrow, the day you got the invitation and the days you actually have to be there, get the idea. The nerve of that woman referring to the king and the future queen as "Elessar and Guest" All I can say is I am amazed that she can keep the nice line of her gowns with big manly balls like that!

I am happy to report that we seemed to have dodged the invitation bullet. But don't think that I didn't get some Gladders slights of my own. The day after you got your invite a rider came to the settlement. I was devestated thinking we would have to come up with a really good excuse. But it was not an invitation, it was, like this, a letter of condolence for Leggs. I snuck it into reality and made a photocopy so that you can enjoy what that kinslaying bitch has to say for yourself. Enjoy. It is enclosed.

In other news, Leggs is bucking up well under the pressure of the forthcoming trip to the city of the Loud One. He only mentions it 20 or 30 times a day with the sad eyes....yes this is an improvement. When he isn't writing his laments things seem pretty much like they were pre36. I think it will all be fine in the end.

I hope all is well in the White City and that you find many drinking companions during you trip.

Your affectionate friend,



To our beloved Prince of Mirkwood,
late of Mirkwood,
Currently of the Unnamed Settlement near Gondor,
renowned hero in the war for the ring,

Word of your recent hardships have reached our Elven ears in Lothlorien. We lament with you at the human behavior of she whom you have to attach yourself.

It is with hope in our hearts that we write to you to expess our concerns for your plight and our hopes for you human free future.

Know that a place for you will always be prepared in our wood.

We extend an invitation to you to the Autumn festival, but are certain you understand that your "lady" is not extended the same curtesy and therefore, in your time of lamenting we will, of course, understand if you are not in attendence.

May the blessing of the Valar be upon you,
Galadriel of the House of Finarfin
known in other times as
Lady of Lórien
Lady of the Wood
Lady of Light
White Lady
The Lady of the Galadhrim

and Celeborn son of Galadhon, Lord of Lórien

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