Thursday, January 11, 2007

Now we know

My Dearest Kendrah,

You are right. Now we know. I understand Gimli's dismay at being beaten by Gandalf, but to be honest, movie Gandalf kicked a lot more butt than book Gandalf, so it stands to reason that game Gandalf would be even better at butt-kicking. Apparently his butt-kicking capabilites increase with sophistication of the media in which he is presented. We should probably keep an eye on that.

It was kind of Leggs to at least try and participate in your holiday festivities. I know disconcerting large groups of humans at revel can be to him. I'm not sorry that he spent some of his time keeping an eye on Eowyn and the goings on in the White City. It is comforting to know that my concerns about the Steward's Wife are shared by others and not merely my personal paranoid flights of fancy. As long as Aragorn remains oblivious, all will be well.

All in all, I think the holiday festivities were successful on both sides of reality. Saturday night was my very last holiday event of the 2006-2007 season-Kathryn and Andrew's Epiphany Party. Unfortunately, drinking of the Church Brew Works "Sleigh Wrecker Ale" and the spirited singing of Christmas carols (all the verses...loudly)on top of the headcold I was just gettting over made me lose my voice for several days. I'm mostly better now, just a lingering cough and stuffiness. Robitussin is my friend. Aragorn discovered the convenience of Lipton soup packets and has been keeping my spirits up by preparing bowls of high sodium chicken soup.

The king has been hanging around a lot recently "to nurse me back to health." Personally, I think he's gotten hooked on Doctor Who and doesn't want to miss any of the Who-athon. We STILL haven't gotten to the Tom Baker years! There are quite a few Jon Pertwee's to go (and one Patrick Troughton that somehow got out of order on my queue)BTW...Pertwee's first adventure..."Spearhead from Space"...DOLLS! That's all I will say on the matter...DOLLS. I think the Doctor is scarier than we remembered!

Well, I must be off. I should try to get some work done today. The workstudies have gone on an adventure to buy stamps and make gift certificates. Let's hope there journey is successful!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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