Monday, January 22, 2007

Color Codes

My Dearest Kendrah,

Fluorescent yellow, huh? The king and I wish you best of luck with your bid anyway. I few cans of paint and all will be well, right?

I am fascinated by Legolas's skill with color divination. It makes sense that the Eldar would seek guidance from natural omens (red sky at night, sailors’ delight and whatnot), but I’m fascinated by his use of Man-made objects and coloring. I guess there just aren’t that many natural places in our world to seek omens any more and we must take them where we can get them. Let us hope his concern is nothing more than Elvish superstition.

The king has been in a restive mood recently, often muttering about Doom and Fate and the like. Maybe he just spent too much time with the Rohirrim over the Yule season. Eomer and friends can be real downers when not engaged in orc-slaughter or drinking contests.

We spent most of weekend sitting on the couch with Buford wrapped in blankets watching Dr. Who. There was a gas leak outside my house on Friday so no heat or stove. Whatever the issue was, it took forever to fix. The nice neighbor brought me an extra space heater. It was a very kind thing to do. We didn’t get the gas turned back on until 6:30 Saturday night. I was so happy to take a hot shower! Aragorn tells me I’m getting soft and spoiled. “You don’t need a hot shower every day. You don’t even need a shower every day!” Believe me, after 24 hours of cuddling with a Ranger and a beagle, I needed a shower!

When he’s not muttering, the king is very much enjoying the Who-athon. This weekend we watched our first Tom Baker adventure…and there were Daleks! Who could ask for more? (Well, HEAT would have been nice, but I digress). Glad you’re enjoying ACGAS. Thinking of Leggs as vet in Yorkshire makes me giggle…a lot…at inappropriate moments.

Well, I must sign off for now. I want to finish this last chapter of Mircea Eliade’s “Myth of the Eternal Return” Nothing like a little comparative mythology to get your evening started right! Then I’m off to do a talk on traditional rites and rituals of St. Brigid. I should probably get some coffee too…

Hope all is well with you.
Your Affectionate Friend,

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