Tuesday, August 29, 2006


My Dearest Kendrah,

I was delighted to have a letter waiting for me when I returned home on Sunday. All in all, it was a lovely weekend, though I stayed up far too late on both Friday and Saturday nights singing. And, alas, I still have the post-Pennsic plague!

I finally got to some of the laundry and as usual, the king left me with all his dirty garb. My, he once again left all his Pennsic notes tucked away in his belongings. I think he was trying to be a bit more tricksey this year. Rather than a formal journal, I located several pages of notes hidden in various locations. I will transcribe the notes as best I can. I am interested in any insight you might be able to provide.

Your Affectionate Friend,

Note #1 (found in a pair of blue wool socks with a hole in the toe)

It is an event like Pennsic that illustrates how our backgrounds in different realities have influenced our thought patterns. Things that the ladies find “disturbing” seem perfecting ordinary to me, whereas they seem unconcerned by numerous outlandish activities and events that make me question the sanity of these lesser men. I have keeping a list of these activities, events etc, in hopes that Legolas, our ladies and I will have an opportunity to discuss them at a future date. I hope our notes on various subjects will be useful to others attempting the sort of reality jumping to we are quite accustomed.

Things the Ladies claim happen at Pennsic, but no where else in their reality.

1. You can carry on a conversation with a gentle who has his eyes closed, and not bother to ask that person if he is “OK”. (Maybe it’s my Ranger training and rather dangerous but romantic past, but it seems perfectly logical to take rest where you can get it. And it’s far less creepy than that disturbing Elf habit of sleeping with their eyes open! )

2. It is appropriate to be disappointed when you do NOT achieve a desired alcohol black out. (What’s so inappropriate about a good alcohol blackout? (a GOOD one mind you, not the kind where you wake up in the morning next to an Uruk!) Eru knows I’ve dragged Merry and Pippin to bed often enough after one of their binges...)

3. Hearing the quote “I’m very good at thrown weapons.”

I hesitate to include the following observations, as they seem too crude to attribute to our ladies and not something for polite company, but for the sake of future reality jumpers:

4. It is appropriate to walk into a little booth on the side of the road and “drop the kids off at the pool”, “release the hounds”, “give Mr. John his due” (add your own euphemism here), all the while continuing your conversation with friends who are standing right outside waiting for you to finish. (Some modern folk are so squeamish about bodily functions! Of course, where I come from we don’t talk about that sort of thing...ever...)

5. Apparently, Pennsic is the only place in the world where they have to constantly remember to roll up they’re sleeves when “wiping”. (Wiping???)

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