Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rumors Indeed!!

My Dearest Kendrah,

It is amazing how quickly gossip spreads in certain circles. I am beginning to hear similar rumors whispered in the streets of the White City. Personally, I think Gondor could use a nice royal wedding, and the folks are so pleased with their new king, they'd be thrilled if he settled down and started producing heirs. I suspect the rumors will grow because people want it to be true. If wishes were horses...
I'm being a bit rebellious after my last Gladders encounter, so I'm perfectly willing to remain living in fantasy sin just to spite her! I'm willing to believe Legolas started the rumors, or at least encourages them. It amuses me that he pulled the old "thrift" line. It barely worked for Gertrude and Claudius, why does he think it would work for him??

According to the calendar, as best as I can tell, we'll be leaving any day now. Make sure you're packed and ready, you know how cranky the boys get when they're ready to go off on some adventure and the rest of the gang is lagging behind in hopes of second breakfast. And the latest weather report from Henneth Annun is warm and sunny, with mild, floral-scented winds,so it looks like it will be pleasant get-away.

I've not really accomplished anything use today and I have to go to a wine tasting tonight, so I'm gonna go run a report or something and pretend much was accomplished.

Take care. I'll see you soon.
Your Affectionate Friend,

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