Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Pre Pennsic Funk

My Dearest Cowynne,

Here I sit, looking at the pennsic countdown clock on and for some reason I cannot get excited about the fact that there are only 34 hours and change left before the site opens. Two weeks ago, I was thrilled that time was passing so quickly, but shortly thereafter I suddenly jsut didn't care.

I am sure that you remember that this happens to me every year, but usually much earlier, giving me enough time for it to pass before the event is actually upon me. But this year is different for some reason. Oh well. I will still be there and I am certian that this will be a fabulous year, with all the wonderful changes we have to look forward to. I just can't get geared up for it...Oh well.

Leggs, on the other hand, can hardly contain himself. He returned from the long hunt rejuvinated and ready for some hardcore tree sitting. He has decided that just a personal study of the leaves of Pennsic will not be enough this year, and following the King's lead, will be keeping a journal. He says "No, it will not just be about trees..." but I guess we will have to see. He is so excited that he even helped my father put the belly kitchen cabinets into the truck...granted I had to make it look like I was helping, cause imagine trying to explain that to the neighbors!

Anyway, all that being said, I have a bit more pre pennsic work to do and should get to it. I will see you on Saturday, when I am certain to be in a much better mood.

Your affectionate friend,

P.S. I am glad to hear that you have a plan of action for renewing your relationship with the king. The settlement wishes you all the luck in middle earth that everything can be put to rights.

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