Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Post Party Wrap-up

My Dearest Kendrah,

Well, we did it. The Old Maid Party came and went and I think it was a smashing success!

The weekend of birthday festivities began on an excellent note with the fabulous Great Big Sea concert on Thursday. I'm glad you were able to switch weekends with RG and bring the Sons and that I was able to secure a babysitter. Who would have thought I'd be looking for a babysitter? I AM the babysitter! But Julie and the Sons seemed to hit it off and aside from Sam "spilling" at a stoplight in the Hill, the evening was great! I look forward to their new album and a new tour! Huzzah! It was disappointing that Deana wasn't able to go, but Aragorn used the ticket and seemed to enjoy himself immensely. He was hardly sulky at all about the OMP!

I hated to dump you and boys all day on Friday while I worked, but at least my brothers were around for a bit to entertain them and feed them pudding for breakfast. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures at the zoo! The folks at work took me to Fuel and Fuddle for lunch where I tasted the Great Lakes Commodore Perry. I keep meaning to mention it to your father. I was so glad to get home that night so I could help with the favors, especially since the King went into a sulk about the party again and was not at all helpful. I thought the guests were suitably pleased with their personalized "Maria's Old Party" votive holders and lavender sachets. Kudos to Kathryn for thinking of using the real lavender! It was beautiful!

Saturday was a bit of a rush...cleaning, shopping, getting to work on time! It was great that you were able to pick me up. And the Sons were so adorable, all freshly washed and wearing their little matching shirts! We looked pretty darn good ourselves, I must say. Sarina did a lovely job on my hair and make-up even with Aragorn "accidentally" jiggling her elbow while she was trying to do my eyeliner!

My show is almost over so I must post this letter and get on with the cleaning and removal of patrons. I look forward to hearing your impressions of the party prep and to writing the remainder of my memories from the party itself.

Your Affectionate friend,

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