Thursday, February 08, 2007

Death of a Word-smith

My Dearest Corwynne,
Don’t ever let Leggs know that I said this, but it really does appear that some things were better before the Dark Lord Sauron was vanquished. It was warmer and those riders never knew if the letters they carried were related to the evil he brought fourth, so they never balked at a winter ride. But I guess you have to give some things up to have peace. I am sure that "W" would agree with me on that one.
Luckily , it seems to be warming up without an additional evil lurking around the corner. We got all the way up to 12 degrees today. It’s put me in mind of Pennsic and the unruly heat we sometimes get while there. Which reminded me that this Sunday will mark the halfway point between The. Best. Pennsic. Eva! And the even better one yet to come.
So it looks like it is time to bust out the packing lists and make sure the garb still fits. It is too bad one can not put extra sleep in reserve for times of need. Six months from now I plan to be very awake and yet very sleepy. Perhaps I could borrow that OED book and read it in the weeks just before Pennsic, I am sure that would allow me to get tons of extra sleep.
In sadder news, with the death of Anna Nicole Smith earlier today, we will need to get a new presenter for the MEMAs (Middle Earth Music Awards)(not to be confused with MEEMA) next month. I am very sad about this because I was totally looking forward to her always new and exciting ways of destroying the English language. And since Enya is the only artist nominated (again) for any awards I was hoping she would mispronounce it differently over and over again. Oh, well, maybe now that "W" and I see eye to eye on an issue he might be willing to pop over and butcher a few words for us.
I guess we will have to wait and see how it turns out. Hope to hear from you soon.
Your affectionate friend,

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