Wednesday, April 26, 2006


My Dearest Kendrah,

First I must offer my apologies. You were correct. I had not received the proper clearance from Transreality Licensing Board before I began blending multiple realities. Let me assure you that from now on, the proper paperwork will be filed and approved before I attempt another such merging. You know how I love my paperwork!

You are indeed quite good at determining who actually exists. It was your mother who was uncertain of Deana’s existence. And my brother’s as well, if I recall. Can I help it if my kin use words like “smallclothes” in their everyday speech?

I’ve been sitting here at the office waiting for the show to end. I’ve decided Aragorn does NOT need to see “Equus”. Sure it’s a modern classic, but he gets so uptight around nudity! He’s popping in this weekend so I’m sending him to see “As You Like It” instead. Shakespeare is more up his alley and I think he’ll enjoy it. I have to keep him occupied somehow while I’m working. I was hoping he would head out to the back yard and plant my tomatoes for me, but he was less than enthusiastic...kept muttering about his unfamiliarity with the real Pittsburgh growing season. Frankly, I think the Pittsburgh growing season is pretty unreal anyway. I had to bring seven pots of pansies in the house last night because it was approaching freezing! For Eru’s sake, it’s almost May!

Well, I just heard applause, which means the show is ending. I’m off to pick up program litter and head on home. Huzzah!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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