Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sold Out Saturday

My Dearest Corwynne,

It was so nice to have you here for the concert this past weekend. I wish we had thought of how much Landa would have enjoyed it in time to invite her, but perhaps next time we can get things a bit more organized....You know with like seats and stuff. But it was still a great show.

I am also pleased to hear that the King is finally going to make a proposal, and about time too. I was wondering if you thought we could transport Great Big Sea into fantasy world so that they could play at your engagement party, or better yet, the big day itself. I know the fishing songs aren't really wedding themed but perhaps they could alter a song or two.

All is quite in the settlement. Leggs and the rest have made some headway in the building, with the resent nice weather they were able to start a bit early. So every one is cheerful and looking forward to the spring and summer and hope to complete all the building on schedule.

I drove past a house which had an amish construction crew working on it today, I wonder how well they would reality jump, hmmmmmm.

Hope all is well in the White City and that you have completely recovered from the scruvyhead plague.

Your affectionate friend.

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