Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Current Age

My Dearest Kendrah,

I am so glad we had an opportunity to share in GBS's best night ever. The respite from the rigors of planning our national New Year's celebration was much needed.

I am also pleased that you and Leggs have been able to spend so much time with us over the past week. I look forward to seeing you again for the New Year's Day festivities. (PS...if you haven't picked up a birthday gift yet, Aragorn could use some new hiking socks.

Poor Aragorn! He's in a bit of a funk. The days leading up to March 25 always make him a bit sad and contemplative. Not that I blame him. Just a few short years ago he was having no fun at all on March 22.

"And from that evening onward the Nazg├╗l came and followed every move of the army. They still flew high and out of sight of all save Legolas, and yet their presence could be felt, as a deepening of shadow and a dimming of the sun; and though the Ringwraiths did not yet stoop low upon their foes and were silent, uttering no cry, the dread of them could not be shaken off." (RoTK)

When I got home from work last night he was hiding out in my apartment, trying to avoid being seen. But I always know he's there and when he's in a bad mood. So instead of asking him to help clean up a bit I suggested we watch "A History of Violence". I know he was interested in seeing Viggo in a film that didn't involve horses, dirt and a bad haircut. Unfortunately it just made matters worse. “Your Age is far to complicated!” he complained. “Am I supposed to like Viggo’s character? He’s all complex with hidden agendas and I don’t know if he’s a good guy or bad guy. How do you know who the real enemy is? In my day it was easy, they all wore black and/or hissed! And everybody lies! In my day, only servants of Shadow spoke untruths...”

I see now we have entered dangerous rant territory. Once the “In my day” talk starts, I just don’t know what to say! Mostly because I agree with him! Things were much simpler in the early ages. I finally suggested that we forget all about the Current Age and pop over to Pippin’s room. I heard he and Merry brought in fresh supply of pipeweed. The visit seemed to cheer him up a bit. Pippin has the effect.

Well, not a very cheerful post, I’m afraid. I suppose we’ll just have to stick it out. Hope you and Leggs return soon!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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