Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Trials and Tribulations

My Dearest Kendrah,

I am so sorry to hear about this latest turn of events! Aragorn and I are both heartbroken! I cannot say it was a surprise though. Leggs behavior over the past two months has been wearing on all of us, and you bore the brunt of it. Elves get like that sometimes...all obsessive and all goes back to Feanor and those cursed Silmarils. You'd think a Wood Elf would have a bit more sense though.

If Leggs doesn't uncurl soon, perhaps we could ask Celeborn to pay him a visit. He can be very sensible (and sensitive) in these matters. I think we should try to keep the news from Mirkwood as long as possible. Varda knows what mischief Thranduil would cook up if he found out precious son was dumped by a mortal.

The Sons suggested dropping hints about a great quest...some feat of devotion and prowess that would a) get Leggs out of his stupor b) get him off your hearth and c) make him work to get you back. Nothing as drastic as fetching a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth, but some adventure that would give him time to think about the situation. If you could get Gimli to go, I know he could talk some sense into Leggs, and the Sons are itching for an heroic outlet! As long as it starts after Thanksgiving. E & E promised to help with the cooking before settling in to watch football and drink beer with Aragorn and my brother.

All is well and rather peaceful here. We'll keep you both in our thoughts through this trying time.

Your Affectionate Friend,

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