Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Trials and Tribulations

My Dearest Kendrah,

It was lovely to see you and your youngest son this weekend! Aragorn was sorry to have missed you, but affairs of state beckoned. I still have my cold, but seem to be coping with it rather well. I’m living on Day and Ni-quil but this too shall pass. I hope I recover by the weekend. Days in the woods, even if we do have cabins, is not at all fun when you’re sniffling!

The good news is, my computer has a brand new hard drive and is home safely. I hope this will make our communications more regular. It’s so much easier to write the details of one’s life from the privacy of ones own home.

Not much new on the work trauma front. I think we’re just coasting along. We’ll see what happens as the semester progresses. I’m going to be at the retreat this weekend, so I’m hoping time in the woods, even if I am sniffling, will help calm things down. I’m not sure if Aragorn is going to come with me or not. He wasn’t as interested once I told him there would be no beer.

I should go and put my pierogies in the freezer, take some more Nyquil and go to bed. I hope all is well on your end and look forward to talking with you again soon.

Your Affectionate Friend,


Anonymous said...

Isn't that a relative of a Nazgul?


Kendrah & Corwynne said...

Distant relation. Third cousin once removed on their mother's side