Thursday, September 22, 2005

Too Much TV

My Dearest Kendrah,

It is good to hear from you! I was out of town last weekend at our annual retreat. I am glad to say this was the last one. I had a good time, but I'm tired and happy that we have reached a "closure", as they say. I still had quite a cold and napped a lot. The plus side of camping in those cabins is that when the windows are closed, it's really dark inside which facilitates napping. And the nap gave me an excuse not to attend the "Expressing Your Spirituality through Collage" workshop. Please! OK, so I'm much oriented toward words than pictures, bu surely a group of adults could find something more meaningful to do with two hours than to cut pictures out of magazines and rubber cement them to poster board! But I guess it works for some people.

Perhaps you should direct Legolas AWAY from the History Channel in his adventures with the Palantir Box. Or at least away from the Hitler bits. I think Aragorn would be a bit concerned about guns of any sort in Gondor. He's been very anti-gunpowder since the Helm's Deep incident. It is sweet of Leggs to express such concern for you in his absence. I think Aragorn just assumes I'll stay safely in a tower embroidering tapestries while the city falls to ruin around me. You'd think he would have at least looked at the Emergency Evacuation and City Defense Plan Imrahil, Faramir and I worked out. Minis Tirith isn't what it used to be and if we need women on the walls scavenging arrows, bandaging knights and putting out fires, by Elbereth we'll have them! Imrahil's wife has come up with what I consider a very reasonable evacuation plan (which of course, I cannot share in a letter due to national securities concerns). Suffice it to say, women in post-Ring War Gondor are going to have to play a more active roll. Ugh! Eowyn was mutterng something about women's sufferage the other day until I pointed out that NO ONE has a vote! I suggested she redirect her attentions to Faramir and use him to further her political goals. She's thinking about it...

Well I must be off. I need to do some more work on the Lysistrata program and type up some staff meeting notes.

Hope all is well.
Your Affectionate Friend,

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