Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Aragorn and the Half Blood Prince

My Dearest Kendrah,

Than you so much for the lovely weekend! I think the pirate party was a smashing success and the cake was amazing! I look forward to many more enjoyable parties with your lovely children in the future. BTW...has your youngest managed to say “Elbereth” again? I was so touched to here Her name bubbling out of his sweet little mouth! Aragorn is very disappointed that he missed it!

And speaking of our Elessar, when I finally got home from work Monday, there he was, curled up on my couch reading rapidly through a large stack of bound parchment with a worried look on his face. I’ve seen that look before. “Uh-oh,” I said, “What’s wrong?” “What’s wrong?” he replied, CHAPTER TWO is what’s wrong!!!”
“Um...are you reading Harry Potter and the HBP?”
“Obviously! Amazon just shipped its extra-realty copies on Saturday...a whole week after YOU people got yours!!! “
“There’s no need to be grumpy with me, I’ve been working on the import/export issues with customs for months! Besides, you could have borrowed my copy!”
“And how would that look, the king getting his copy before the rest of his country. It would set a bad example exploiting class distinctions and perpetuating royal prerogative!”
I refrain from mentioning that Gondor is Divine Right Monarchy “So are you enjoying it?”
“I would be if you’d let me get back to reading...the kids are spending Yule at the Burrow and you KNOW Phlegm will be there!”

So, I go about my business, unpacking, cleaning, petting the kitties, etc. As I watched him get closer and closer to the DEATH, I started to get a sinking feeling in my stomach...I was in the basement when I heard the shout. “I do not believe it! It cannot be!” I ran back up the stairs to find the book on the floor and Aragorn pacing nervously in circles, reaching for his sword which of course he isn’t wearing, and looking like he wants to hit something. . “I will not believe it! It cannot be true! It’s a ruse...a trick...I have to see what happens next!” He ceases to pace, flops back onto the couch, grabs the book and continues on in silence until the bitter end. Finally, he closes the book. He’s got that look...the one he got when he thought the Army of the Dead had refused his offer and he sees the Corsair ships sailing up the Anduin and his heart breaks. I hate that look. It makes my throat sad. “How are you doing?” I ask quietly. He just stands there all quiet, looking dejected. “Sweetie, do you need a hug?” Which, of course he did.

He finally pulled himself together, put on his determined face and announced that he must return to Middle Earth immediately. “Pippin will not take this well,” he explained, “nor will Frodo. I cannot abandon Merry and Sam! They should not have to be brave all alone.” “Maybe you should get the old gang together, hang out with Faramir, and toast fallen comrades, Fellowshippy stuff. He agreed and set off to the Shire to bring the Halflings to Minis Tirith. I promised to be along in a bit and to cheer them with our UUTs about how things could still work out. “Remember what you told me a few weeks ago...the Shadow cannot conquer forever!” He didn’t looked convinced but promised not to despair, which is about all we can hope for after Book Six..Alas, I must be off to teach my workshop now. I hope all is well with you!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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