Friday, March 25, 2005

Weekend Event Update

My Dearest Kendrah,

I hope you don't mind that I sent Pippin with the updated schedule. I had planned to run it over to your suite myself, but we had FIVE shows at work and I was running around between worlds all day! And I had to make sure I was at the final fitting of Aragorn's formal garb. If I'm not there, he'd bully the poor tailor into letting him wear leather instead of the lovely velvet we had selected! I'll see you at dinner!

Your Affectionate Friend,

Saturday Morning
Throne Room, Citadel

Royal Court
King Elessar will preside at his first official court of the New Year. New programs and alliances will be presented, petitions will be heard and awards granted. Among those being honored with an Award of Arms will be Gimli, Son of Gloin, for his work on restoring the city main gate and sewage systems, and Gregor de Mere for his efforts redesigning and beatifying the Gondorian Royal Residence and the Ithilian Public Library. Billy Boyd will be dubbed an honorary Guard of the Citadel (mostly because I’m tired of him whining about how cool Pippin’s armour is. At least Man-sized livery will fit him!) Luncheon will be served in the Main Hall following court.

Saturday Afternoon
Queen’s Solar, Citadel

Reality: Take it or Leave It
Corwynne and Kendrah will host a discussion on the mechanics of creating and maintaining a fantasy world. Topics will include: selecting a fantasy world, establishing a system of checks and balances to ensure you don’t go too far, how to adjust to time changes, and what to do when Imaginaries start getting independent. If time allows, we will address way to cope when the voices in your head actually become audible.

Saturday Evening
Main Hall, Citadel

Steward’s Dinner
Prince Faramir of Ithilian, Steward of Gondor and his wife will host tonight’s main feast. Please no smoking in Hall, as it gives His Highness the willies. Dancing will follow.

Sunday Morning
Society for Creative Anachronism Demo

Pelennor Field
The Incipient Metropolis of West Peoria will present demos, workshops and classes concerning life in the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Ages. The event is free and open to the public. Donations will be accepted to benefit the Habitat for Hobbits fund. Since the SCA is an historical education society, participants in the demo are discouraged from wearing fantasy garb, including, but not limited to Jedi Knight, Minbari, Vulcan and Liberal Republican.

Sunday Afternoon
City Tours, Main Gate, First Level
Guided tours of the City’s historic seven levels will begin at noon and leave the Main Gate every half-hour until dusk. Colorful villagers will be on hand to relate touching and amusing tales of their contributions to the defense of the city during the last siege. Refreshments are available in the Garden of the White Tree.

Sunday Evening
Main Hall, Citadel

Closing Feast
King Elessar and Corwynne will preside over a farewell feast. Dishes from around the Realm will be served. Following the feast, please join us on the seventh level for a fireworks display and refreshing frozen margaritas. (Thanks Mithrandir!)
No formal ball is scheduled, but dancing will occur in the main hall following the fireworks. If dancing isn’t your style, join us in the throne room for an evening of stories, poems and the obligatory lament-singing.


Magdalene said...

Re: "way to cope when the voices in your head actually become audible."
I have a trick using radios for that if anyone is interested.

Magdalene said...

I also wanted to congratulate Gregor on his imaginary Award of Arms. Way to go, Gregor!

Gregor of estmar said...

Thnaks, it was nothing.

Gregor of estmar said...

or thanks.

Kathryn said...

"ensure you don’t go too far". . . hmmph!