Saturday, March 12, 2005

Safe and Sound

My dearest Corwynne,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have arrived safely back in the settlement. I so enjoyed the King's Royal Birthday Bash and I hope to be able to travel back to the White City for the New Year Celebration. I do wish I could have stayed for the entire event but when the cat's away, as they say in the real world.

The reason for my hasty departure was more in the Billingdalt saga. It seems that he keeps himself abreast of our comings and goings enough to return when he knows Leggs and I are away. He was trying to convince the worker population of the settlement that they should form unions. My unexpected return took him quite by surprise and he admitted that he had just watched Norma Rae when it arrived from Netflix. He has yet again promised to stay away from the settlement, but who knows. I may be forced to write to you only after an event instead of discussing it ahead of time.

I hope that Leggs has not been any trouble for you. If he seems bored just ask him to explore the city and report back on where and what type of gardens he feels it needs. I am sure he will spend many days on the report and then you can just hid it away with the other ancient and long winded papers in the Gondorian library system. He'll never know.

Any way I must be going....the workers need to be comforted, Billingdalt frightens them now.

Your affectionate Friend,

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