Monday, September 03, 2007


My Dearest Kendrah,

I am afraid my last missive was a bit too high-handed. I do like the Loud One, very much so. And I do appreciate the odd notion that some people prefer their boyfriends to be visible and corporeal.

My main concern was not your "relationship" with the Loud One, more with Leggs's delusions. That's why I sent the King to him. Aragorn has a much better grasp of 21st century human social dynamics, and my hope is that he will find a way to explain these things to Leggs in a way that he can understand.

While I fully support your rights to a flesh and blood boyfriend, I still have some responsibility for the Fate of the Worlds, so it's my duty to point out dangers as I see them. (Living with a Ranger has that effect on a person). It is the hope of King, myself, and a couple of old guys with beards and pointy hats, that Leggs can learn to appreciate you for who you are and that if chooses to commit to you, it comes with Real World strings attached.

I am certain that with the King's counsel and our support, you two will work things out. (And I sincerely hope it is before your visit to the Loud One in October! I don't if I can bear a return to the "Time of the Hearth")

Your Affectionate Friend,

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