Saturday, October 21, 2006

Catching up

My Dearest Kendrah,

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written! Apparently time flies just as quickly when you’re NOT having fun! Our first show closed last Saturday, and just as I thought things would settle down a bit at work, tragedy struck in the form of a particular insidious virus that forces my work computer to provide me with pop-ups every five minutes or so. We’ve been trying to solve this issue for three days now. I am happy to say we are getting close, but, alas, we may need to resort to a total mind sweep to alleviate the problem. At least we should be able to rescue all my files. I don’t understand it! I practice safe computing! I don’t click when it says “Click here to win a free IPod”! I report spoof email to eBay! I don’t download the file that claims it will save my marriage and career by erasing the all the adult sites I visit! It’s not fair!!! Granted it could be worse. My favorite uncle (Joe, not Dick) never left me a magic ring that sent me on a quest to save the World That Is while he sat smoking pipeweed in Dwarf-town, but all the same, it’s quite frustrating!

Almost as frustrating as Rick Santorum and his Mordor quote. My mailbox has been flooded for days with folks filling me in. Today I even got an email from RS’s opponent, Bob Casey. I suspect it wasn’t from Bob personally, but it was still pretty amusing. As my brother says, we should rejoice at any mention of LotR in the media. He’s probably right. And I truly enjoyed Stephen Colbert’s attempt to explain the situation using his little guys. Check it out on YouTube if you get a chance.

Speaking of Aragorn, today is Viggo’s birth and Aragorn decided we should pop in for a surprise visit. Viggo took it all in stride. We sat around for a bit, drank some beer and he and Aragorn exchanged war stories. It was fairly entertaining, a peaceful laid-back couple of hours with old friends. They promised each other they would each take some time to get back to writing poetry, sang a few songs in Sindarin, and Aragorn and I went on our way. He even helped me carry in my groceries! (Aragorn, that is). He offered to help me make cheese cake and chop vegetables for the dinner I’m going to on Sunday. I think he can tell I’ve been stressed out recently so he being extra attentive. And I just got X-Men 3 from Netflix and if he sticks around long enough he’ll get a chance to watch it…if Faramir doesn’t have some crisis that requires the royal presence in the White City.

At least you’re exile from the Settlement will be ending in couple of weeks. If you’re bored at home, feel free to pop over to Minis Tirith. You can check out the new Easterling exhibit in the museum. It’s fascinating!

Well, I think I’m off to bed, or to watch X-Men….I’ll see what kind of mood the king is in. Hope all is well and you haven’t flooded out! Take care!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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