Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And They're Off!

My Dearest Kendrah,

I am so pleased the quest idea worked! Aragorn was so exciting to have the opportunity to hunt Orcs again with Legolas and Gimli. We had one bad moment when he went looking for that ratty old green Fellowship shirt and found it stuffed in the bottom of my rag-bag. He dug it out, had it mended and insisted on wearing it. I made sure he wore a nice warm tunic over it. It's cold in the mountains! I also taught him about the miracles of CampDry, so hopefully he won't go through so many socks this quest.

Things are quiet here in the White City, which is good, since work is crazy. Nothing like a Tony-nominated musical to bring Pittsburgh to the theatre. Faramir and Eowyn left this morning with a wain and some more extras to gather Yule greens for decorating the Great Hall. Unfortunately, that leaves Imrahil in charge. He's not too keen on the notion of a Christmas tree...afraid it might steal some significance or honour or something from the White Tree. Or worse, attempt to impose some sort of Christian metaphor onto a simple fairy story. I think he's just bitter because he can't have twinkle lights. So, to avoid Imrahil and the hordes of bluehairs howling for tickets, I plan to spend a lot of time in the settlement. Mabe we can finalize our holiday plans.

Any idea when the boys might be back? I'm hoping Aragorn will be able to help me haul my Christmas decorations out of the basement. And I think your father is planning to bring me my couch on the the 17th. I know Aragorn would like to see him, since he missed Samhain.

I'm working nights all this week, but perhaps we can chat late, or Sunday...we'll see. Hope all is well!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Christmas Tree an Ent,
or at least a distant cousin?
That's not good.

-Anon y' mous the Younger