Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Conclusion

My Dearest Kendrah,

Snowpocalypse has done its worst and after three days of cancelled classes, I had to return to my day job. Apologies for the delay in concluding my story.

Eventually the glory days of Pennsic ended and the King and I had to return to our duties in the White City. I never thought I’d say it, but Faramir deserves a promotion (or a new land grant or a nice war steed, or something!) By the time we returned he had managed to work everything out and things were returning to normal.

Faramir bravely overcame his superstitious dread and began a secret correspondence with Celeborn, putting forth our case.. In a rare moment of Book-Celeborn behavior, he put his foot down as head the household. He summoned Elrond, Thranduil and the “ladies” to a private Elf-Prince Counsel where “many matters of import” were discussed. From what I can tell it involved a stern lecture on the importance of proper behavior, a call for the return to more Novel-not Movie-like behavior, a reminder that Eldar are not Men and should not sink to their level (I think I’m a teensy bit insulted by that) and possibly a threat or two about white ships.

Once he saw which ways the gulls were flying, Thranduril sided with Celebron (suck-up). He’s a soft spot for the King ever since the whole Gollum affair. Elrond nodded a lot and said it was impossible to argue with the wisdom of Celeborn and wouldn’t it be better if we all just got along.

Celebron’s little family meeting worked. When they relised the three Elf-lords wouldn’t support their casue, Arwen and Gladders dropped the suit. Arwen slunk off to Imladris where I understand she’s been sulking in bowers embroidering unflattering tapestries depicting Celeborn’s side of the family. Elrond’s a bit ticked that Celeborn got all up on his high horse, but he seems pleased that his daughter is back where he can keep an eye on her. (he never really liked that she spent so much time with her grandmother) Rumor has it he’s trying to hook up Erestor and Arwen, but Erestor seems a bit resistant (can’t imagine why!)

Celeborn has been spending a great deal of time in the White City hanging out with the Sons (who want to be nowhere near Arwen at the moment) and bonding with Faramir. They became quite good friends during the affair. Faramir loves have a real live Elf King to discuss history with and Celeborn is delighted to spend time with someone who actually listens to him. Publically, Celeborn has declared that his visit is intended to increase Elf-Man understanding, but from the rumors I’ve heard he’s fled the Wood to avoid the wroth of Gladders. Doesn’t matter really, we’ve all been enjoying his company immensely.

So, things are back to normal. The servants are growing accustomed to the unusually large number of Elven nobility in the castle, the King is spending less time hunting (hiding!) in the mountains and even Eowyn and I are getting along. Once again the imaginary world is a comfortable escape from reality. Alas, this will pass as all things must, but for now I am enjoying the relative peace and quiet.

So that’s that. I do hope to hear from you soon. It’s been ages (not literally) since we’ve corresponded and I’ve missed our little letters!

Your Affectionate friend,

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