Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catching Up

My Dearest Kendrah,

Well, it has been quite month! Please forgive my lack of correspondence. Real world events and travel have severely impacted the amount of time I can spend in Imagination Land (as it is known in South Park).

Let's see...
First there was Beltane, and like any good Senior Druid, I volunteered to organize our auction. That venture took up most of the last week of April. The King pouted, but stayed out of my way as I organized donations, for which I am extremely grateful.

The following week I traveled to Arizona for a festival and the King tagged along. He seemed a bit disappointed that he didn't have to rescue me from a scorpion lurking in my shoe, but he seemed to enjoy himself anyway. He was quite entertained by the various storytellers who presented and got all weepy over his pipe and beer about how sad it is when people forget to pass on the lore of their ancestors.

Fast forward to War Practice which was ever so much more pleasant this year. Best weather in my memory! We didn't have to frighten the children with stories about how we would all die if the fire went out! Good friends, good food, good music. Huzzah to Gardner and his hurdy-gurdy! The King had a great time! He fought a bit, drank a bit more and even stuck around to go fishing with Lassair and the Sons. He was delighted when they caught their fish and wanted to make sure to invite them to our next picnic at Henneth Annun, as the fishing in the Forbidden Pool isn't quite so forbidden since the fall of You Know Who. I think it will be years before I could eat a fish that came from water where Gollum once swam, but that's just me...

I'm glad our PennMoot was so successful. Looks like we all have lots to do in the next two months! EEK! Two months!

Last weekend I was off to Wellspring. The King declined to join me. I think he's still freaked out by topless dancers around the fire from a few years ago. I very cleverly gave the King a copy of the Professor's latest publication, Sigurd and Gudrun, and he holed himself up in the library comparing skaldic poetry forms to the ancient texts of Numenor. I knew a good book would keep him occupied and safely out of Eowyn's...err...harm's way while I was gone.

My journeys for the moment are now ended. I plan to stay at home, reading poetry with the King, sewing and running PreCollege until it's time for Pennsic. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Your Affectionate Friend,

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