Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Christmas on Valentine's Day

My Dearest Corwynne,

The Sons are so excited at the prospect of spending Valentine's Day opening Christmas presents, that they can hardly contain themselves. And I must admit, that I, too, am looking forward to the trip. If I can just find a way to pick up the rental car....

You see, much has happened here as well. Some of it cannot be put into this letter, for it might fall into the wrong hands and I have not made up my mind completely yet. But Leggs is over the moon with hope and has begun the "dwell with me" chant again. Luckily it is a muttering type of chant this time so I tune it out along with The Imagination Movers and Dora the Explorer. Time will tell what will come of "My Great Matter" and I will fill you in, in full when I can.

In news that can be freely sent into the world, the Jeep has died. And I will explain it's fate as I did for Leggs. The Jeep has fallen. The grief is near, but far enough to discuss. It is like Gandalf the Grey in Mordor. It is possible with enough faith (for our discussion faith=money) it will return like Gandalf the go sing a lament.

He accepted this and is now so busy, what with the chanting and lamenting that I have had several days of peace and quiet. He hopes that he will be recovered by the weekend because he is fascinated at how a celebration of a holy day can be randomly shifted by two months and can not wait to study it.

In still other news of my woe. On the day of the Jeep's death I also lost my dryer. Perhaps the dryer and the Jeep were having an affair and the one could not go on with out the other...perhaps not. Either way, I have no dryer and no car with which to get to one. Strange how clean socks can suddenly become so precious.

I wish I had things to write that were full of mirth, and perhaps one day I will, but this is not that day. But we are holding up admirably considering. One might even mistake us for British if they didn't listen to us talk. We shall overcome our woes and I am sure that this weekend will go a long way towards that goal.

See you soon,
You affectionate friend,

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