Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kids Today

My Dearest Kendrah,

Congratulations on passing your test! And on the first try too! Aragorn was delighted as well, once I explained the intricacies of modern licensing laws. Sadly, the explanation didn't do me much good. It just set him off another rant about how no one trusts each other any more and why can't people just agree and shake hands and make their word their bond? I managed to forstall more ranting by reminding him he had a hunting date with Leggs and the gang and he'd better get a move on before they were all so drunk they couldn't shoot straight.(Elves excepted of course)FYI, it appears Celeborn is staying on in Mirkwood for the rest of the summer. He gave some flimsy excuse about wanting to renegotiate territorial rights on some of the property reclaimed from Mordor, but I suspect he's avoiding you know who. July humidity in Lothlorien can wreak havoc on perfectly coiffed blonde ringlets and no one wants to be around for that fit of rage!

PreCollege is going...I won't say well...but it's going. Actually, aside from one particularly inept student assistant, the administration is going fine. It's the kids that are a mess. We've only just started our third week and so far I've lost two to homesickness. (I tried administering a nice athelas tea, but to no avail.) One is a cutter (in therapy), several eating disorders, one or two nervous breakdowns caused by traunatic memories of childhood issues triggered by something that happened in class, all on top of the usual issues that come with being sixteen and away from home for the first time. We have a great support network though, so I'm hoping everyone gets the care they need. Teenagers are so very YOUNG.

I am hoping the summer program we're running in the White City has less drama involved. I'm still annoyed that I let Aragorn talk me into it, but it's a good way for the youth of Gondor to get valuable hands-on experience while spending three weeks in the royal household. I'm thrilled that Leggs agreed to teach archery and I'm hoping you are available to lead the tour when we take our overnight field trip to the Settlement. Eowyn has worked up a wonderful martial program for the girls. Eomer has sent some folks to run the riding section as well as some horses for us to use. Alas, most of the horses we have we have in the City are trained for war and not suitable for a beginning rider. I can't wait for your eldest son to get here! We've enrolled him in the Siege Warfare and Field Tactics track. Aragorn swears your kid is a siege warfare savant and can't wait to chat with him! Mithrandir is looking forwarding to working with him as well. He claims he hasn't had a decent pupil since Faramir got his commission! Unfortunately, I'll be spending all this week brushing up on Gondorian Ettiqette. Seems the I'm charge of the Domestic Page option. I tried to point out that there might be more qualified leaders for this track, but tradition has it it must be the queen (or the Steward's wife)and Eowyn already has a full schedule it's up to me. I just hope the track isn't full of giggling adolescent girls who think this might be their best way to get close to the King (My boyfriend, after all, is sooo dreamy!)

Well, I have rambled on long enough and I still have to go to the library to collect a rather ponderous tome on the proper way to serve various cuts of venison, so I should be going. I hope is well with you!

Your Affectionate Friend,

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