Friday, June 17, 2005

Just checking in

My Dearest Kendrah,

I was sorry to hear about the state of your numerous keyboards. I hope your palantir box will become fully functional again very soon.

Not much has happened here in past week. Last weekend my brother and I painted the living and dining rooms. Unfortunately Aragorn was conveniently called back to the White City for some apparent "emergency," so he wasn't available to help. I think he was pouting because I wouldn't take his decorating advice. He thought, instead of painting, I hould cover the rooms in tapestries depicting heroic deeds of the Fellowship during the War of the Ring. He also suggested we ask Gregor in to design and install some fake beams for the ceiling to give the place a more Meduseld-like look. I gave the notion serious consideration, but after realizing how long it would be before I had enough tapestries to cover all the walls and how expensive that was going to be, I opted for a five gallon tub of white paint. (I think we should go ahead with the tapestry project anyway...if it works into Gregor's design, we can use them in the throne room).

I must be off! Pre-College calls.

Your Affectionate Friend,

PS. Deana and Eric have returned safely with Mai and she is adorable!

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