Saturday, June 18, 2005


My dearest Corwynne,

Finally, I have a working keyboard. We have something like fifteen in the house and this is the only one that works.
Well, at least Logan has lots to play with.

So I have been taking some classes at the community college. And the man who teaches one of the classes and I have developed a competitive relationship.....who is funnier....of course you and I know that I am funnier, but he hasn't realized yet. His humor includes quite a bit of glaring at me, which is pretty funny. Well, Leggs showed up in class one day, while he was doing the glaring routine. To Leggs' credit he waited to talk to me before defending my "honor".

So I explained to him that he was just being funny. He seemed confused but agreed that he would be allowed to live. So I thought all was well until the next time I had class and the teacher started glaring. Leggs suddenly appeared behind him bow drawn and let fly. I came very close to reacting. Luckily I noticed just in time that it was a suction cup arrow. And like that Leggs was gone. Later that night, when I was at home working on some school work, I heard his voice behind me......"Now, that is funny." He was gone before I turned around, but I must say I agree with him.

That is really all there is to report. The settlement seems to have settled into a routine as has my real world home. Hope all is well with you,
Your affectionate friend,

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